Who are we ?

The AMIDEX Association created in May 2019 is an Association governed by the law of 19 December 1990 on freedom of association in Cameroon. In addition to mutual assistance between these members, it is an awareness movement in the fields of the environment, health and education. Its raison d’être is to mobilize audiences, especially the most vulnerable, who need to come together to share and imagine responses to their difficulties and needs. It tries to answer them in terms of awareness, or services to offer. Its action is based on permanent cooperation between members, volunteers, administrators, professionals, partners, territorial services while respecting their respective responsibilities.

Our Values, Missions & Resources

AMIDEX asserts itself first and foremost as a humanist and secular Association, qualifiers used here in their common and common definition, namely that meaning “bearer of human values”.
Defends the values of the CITIZENSHIP.

  • The association and its members believe they have civil and political rights and duties and, as such, can occupy a place in the organization of the territory in which they operate.
  • The association is intended to be a place of individual training contributing to the personal enrichment of each of its members, which allows everyone to develop their citizenship.

Develops the SHARING of ideas, SOLIDARITY and CONVIVILITY among its members,

  • The foundations of the association’s constitution and functioning are the sharing of ideas with respect for others, commitment to the actions chosen by the association, and the willingness to encourage reciprocal exchanges between the individuals and groups that make up the association.


  • The projects carried out have to do with the collective interest and do not serve individual interests.
  • Projects and actions are developed during collective exchanges, either within the association itself, with its members, or more broadly with external partners, sensitive to the same concerns.

Education and awareness for all on the environment and sustainable development
Accompanying the inhabitants in order to enable them to be active in their development and their environment.

  • Through a dynamic of animation and education for all and with all (from childhood to old age for people with or without disabilities)
  • Empowering and valuing everyone’s skills
  • Based on cooperation and the general interest.

And so

  • To improve knowledge of one’s living environment by promoting well-being and health on the principles of sustainable development.
  • And induce a change in individual and collective behaviour.

Support projects on the territory (in support of public policies and the social responsibility of companies and organisations)
Provide a level of knowledge and expertise in environmental, educational and health matters based on current scientific knowledge, to adapt to change and better contribute to meeting tomorrow’s challenges.
Provide the CPIE’s tools (exhibitions, educational trunks, activities)
Enable stakeholders to better integrate into the local fabric through cooperation linked to the environment and the health of vulnerable groups.
To provide support, mediation between actors around the preservation of natural spaces and biodiversity, the sharing of resources for the benefit of the development of all.

Human resources

They are of two kinds :

  • Volunteers: on the Board of Directors, Bureau, steering committees, working
  • Missioned structures

Financial resources

    • Subsidy through public partnerships (ministries, local authorities)
    • Private funding and donations
    • Sales of educational resources and books
    • Membership
    • Voluntary contributions.